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the Mediterranean as it once was

Croatia, the EU’s newest addition, is located opposite Italy on the other side of the Adriatic Sea. It borders with Hungary and Slovenia to the north, Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina to the East, Montenegro in the south and the Adriatic Sea to the west. Croatia covers 56,594 km², including 1,244 islands and has diverse, mostly continental climates in the north and north-east and Mediterranean climates to the west and south.

It is a land where the hues of the sunny and warm Mediterranean happily blend with the tranquility and freshness of mountains and the gentle sway of the golden plains of Pannonia.

Numerous tourists from all over the world are attracted by the cleanliness and beauty of the Adriatic Sea. But Croatia is much more.

Croatia is a rare blend of glamour and old-fashioned authenticity, where beaches and sunshine vie for attention with cultural treasures, ancient architecture and time-tested folk traditions…




Pearl of the Adriatic

Dubrovnik is a historical city in the extreme south of Croatia and a popular tourist destination. Thanks to its ancient city walls surrounding the city, spectacular churches, monasteries, museums and other cultural heritage, Dubrovnik has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. As one of the most beautiful towns in the Mediterranean, Dubrovnik has been nicknamed the "Pearl of the Adriatic" and is one of the symbols of Croatian tourism.

Adria Tours organises day excursions to Dubrovnik.



A favourite amongst celebrities

Hvar is the beautiful island opposite Brač with rolling hills covered in pine forests, fruit orchards and lavender fields, lush vineyards and olive groves nestling at the foot of ragged mountains, gorgeous beaches with tiny inlets and secluded coves, small fishing villages, and the glamour of Hvar Town's top-end hotels, restaurants, boutiques and a vibrant nightlife amidst its medieval streets, a favourite amongst celebrities.

Adria Tours provides day trips to Hvar.



a 'getaway' paradise

Due to Vis' long period as a military island where time had stopped and the fact that it is the most remote inhabited island, Vis has an exceptionally calmer atmosphere than its neighbouring islands. The tourist offer on Vis is simple (but not basic), its natural beauty untouched and its beautiful beaches are peaceful even in full season. A visit to the Blue Cave on the nearby island of Biševo is not to be missed - a magical experience!

Adria Tours provides day excursions to Vis and the Blue Cave.


Plitvice Lakes National Park

Sights of breathtaking nature

Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the most beautiful natural sights in Europe and since 1979 a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Embraced by high wooded mountains, 16 beautiful lakes of crystal blue-green water lie one beneath another and connected by a series of stunning cascades and thundering waterfalls surrounded by thick forests. It is simply the most magical tourist destination in Croatia.

Adria Tours provides excursions to Plitvice Lakes National Park.



a seductive national park

Mljet is an island near Dubrovnik and is the most forested island in the Adriatic. Mljet is so seductive, it is said that Odysseus came and stayed for seven years. You can even visit the Odysseus cave, where Odysseus allegedly met the nymph, Calypso. The highlight and most unusual feature of Mljet National Park are the two salt water lakes - Malo Jezero and Veliko Jezero - a rare case of lakes within an island.

Adria Tours provides day tours to Mljet.



in the heart of Dalmatia

Split is one of the oldest Dalmatian towns. The city was originally built around Diocletian's palace, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today Split is one of the most fascinating towns in Croatia and tourists flock here every year to wander the 'living' streets of the Roman Emperor's palace.

Split is located in the heart of Dalmatia and is therefore its main transport hub. Its port links numerous Adriatic islands to the mainland and offers ferry connections to and from Italy.

Adria Tours provides day trips to Split.



Legends, traditions and natural beauty

Korčula, an island in southern Dalmatia, enchants the senses with its timeless beauty. They say no island has more legends or monuments than Korčula, and it is also one of the greenest islands in Croatia along with Lokrum and Mljet. This island is characterised by peaceful villages, stunning beaches and coves, the picturesque town of Korčula, its claim to be the birthplace of Marco Polo and its preserved traditions such as the Moreška sword dances.

Adria Tours provides day excursions to Korčula.


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