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History of Brač

Stone quarrying, agriculture, stone carving and refuge

The Romans opened the first quarries between Škrip and Splitska, which became the most important harbour to carry stone to Salona and the whole of Dalmatia. Brač became known for its pristine white stone, which was used to build Diocletian's Palace. The Romans also introduced agriculture, especially of wine and olives.

Agriculture and livestock farming (goats and sheep) was not an easy way of making a living due to the island's rocky landscape and its lack of surface water. Nevertheless the islanders, through back-breaking labour of gathering the rocks into piles, managed to prepare small slivers of land for cultivation of vineyards and olive, fig, almond and sour-cherry orchards. The piles of rocks, gathered over hundreds of years, can still be seen today as can the ancient stone houses that the islanders sheltered in.

In the 1500s Brač became a refuge for whole communities fleeing from the Turkish invasion of the current Croatian and Bosnia-Herzegovina territories. These communities left a multitude of marks on the island, not least two of the most important sites on the island: the Dragon’s Cave and Blaca Hermitage, both built and inhabited by monks on the south side of the island. On the north side of the island, the inhabitants of Pučišća built 13 fortifications to protect themselves from possible attacks by sea (Cyprian Zuvetica castle, Aquila castle and the castle of the Desković family are still standing). Due to these fortifications Pučišća became known ‘Tower Port’.

During the Renaissance, Brač's stone carving tradition flourished. Whole stonemasonry dynasties were educated in Pučišća and the most prominent Dalmatian builders and sculptors of the Renaissance, such as Juraj Dalmatinac, Andrea Alessi and Niccolo Fiorentino, applied their creative genius to Brač stone. The tradition of using stone to build with has become an inseparable part of Brač's identity. To this day, there is a stonemasonry school in Pučišća, which is open for visits.

From the 17th century onwards, Brač became more engaged in fishing, seafaring and shipbuilding. Infact in the 17th century, Bol had fifteen patented ships built in its own shipyard and in the 18th century, the town had become the third naval force on the Croatian side of the Adriatic.

In the mid 19th century shipyards in Milna yielded 16 sailboats and the widely known Dalmatian boat ‘bracera’ (named after the Italian name for the island - ‘Brazza’) was created here. The shipyard in Sumartin is, today, one of the last shipyards engaged in the construction of traditional wooden boats.


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