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Island of Brač

One of the sunniest areas in the Adriatic Sea

The island of Brač has a pleasant Mediterranean climate: long, hot and dry summers and short, mild winters. Brač is one of the sunniest locations in the Adriatic, alongside the island of Hvar with an average of 2700 hours of sunshine per year. During the summer average temperatures range from 21°C in May to 28°C in July and August. Sea temperatures range from 20°C in May and October to 26°C in July and August.

With an area of 394 km², the island of Brač is the third largest on the Croatian coast. There are two towns, Supetar and Bol, a number of villages and a dramatic landscape of steep cliffs, crystal clear waters, pine forests and vineyards and olive groves. Brač also boasts the highest peak of the Adriatic islands (Vidova gora, 778 m).

Brač is famous for two things: its radiant white stone, from which Diocletian’s Palace in Split and part of the White House are made, and Zlatni Rat, the long pebbly beach in Bol that sticks out into the Adriatic and adorns 90% of Croatia’s tourism posters. Despite its reputation as Europe’s vacation hotspot, Croatia hasn’t given in to mass tourism. The ‘Mediterranean As It Once Was’ is the motto of Croatia’s tourist board and the island of Brač is no exception.

The island is very well connected with the mainland thanks to two ferry lines (Split - Supetar or Makarska - Sumartin) and a catamaran service direct to Bol from Split. Brač also has its own airport, located only ten kilometres from Bol. In the summer months, charter flights fly from many larger European cities and Croatia Airlines offers scheduled flights from Zagreb.


History of Brač

Stone quarrying, agriculture, stone carving and refuge

During the Bronze Age and Iron Age, Illyrian tribes populated the interior of the island. The Illyrians are most likely responsible for naming the island. In fact the island's first name was 'Brentista Elaphusa' - which comes from the Illyrian word "brentos" meaning 'deer' (a cult animal for the Illyrians). ‘Elaphusa’ comes from the greek word for deer “elaphus”. In fact the Illyrians happily traded with the Greeks, who settled on the mainland and on other islands.

Brač has from that time been governed by the Romans, the Franks, the Byzantines, the Hungarians, the Omiš pirates, the Venetian Republic, Napoleon, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Yugoslavia, until the establishment of the independent and autonomous Republic of Croatia in 1991. All of which have left their trace on the island.


Island of Culture and Adventure

Why visit Brač

We invite you to discover the charm of this unique island with its untouched nature and the rich cultural and historic heritage, but is also the place to get active and have lots of adventures.

  • Windsurf or kiteboard close to the stunning Zlatni Rat in Bol
  • Hike to the Dragon’s Cave, Blaca Hermitage and/or Vidova Gora
  • Kayak along the coast from one cove to another
  • Enjoy a meal at the water's edge
  • Walk from Splitska to the Rasohe Quarries near Škrip
  • Watch the students continue the long tradition of stone carving at the stonemasonry school in Pučišća
  • Spend the day on Brač's beautiful pebble/fine pebble beaches
  • Swim and snorkel in the crystal clear sea
  • Explore the fascinating sites below water level on a diving excursion
  • Take photos of the karst formations and the remains of an ancient way of living
  • Watch the sunrise or the sunset from Vidova Gora
  • Hire a boat and find a deserted beach reachable only by sea
  • Discover the history of the island at the Brač Museum in Škrip, the oldest and most authentic settlement on Brač
  • Party on the beach: salt in your hair, sun on your skin and the sound of music in the air
  • Go rock climbing near Sutivan
  • Take a tour of the island by bike
  • Enjoy the traditional flavours of the island in one of the taverns: Brač sheep cheese, fish and lamb specialities, the unique Hrapačuša cake, local schnapps or local wines like the famous Plavac

Brač - an island of culture and adventure - creating memories that will stay with you long after you've left!


Brač in the tourist guides

What others say about Brac

"The third-largest of Croatia’s islands, BRAČ is the nearest of the major islands to Split, and is the easiest to get to, with regular ferries running (hourly in high season) to the port of Supetar, an attractive former fishing village with shallow pebbly beaches. On the opposite side of the island is similarly picturesque Bol, boasting the spectacular beach of Zlatni rat and a mild-breeze climate that’s perfect for windsurfing. The smaller coastal settlements of Postira, Pučišća, Povlja and Milna are less visited, more relaxed, and ideal for a spot of Mediterranean-island chilling. Away from the coast, the island’s starkly beautiful interior has undoubted allure, its scrub-covered karst uplands dotted with fertile depressions containing vines, olives and orange trees, or by the great man-made piles of limestone built up over centuries by smallholders clearing a place in which to grow crops."

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"Brač has been somewhat overlooked as a holiday destination and we believe this is one of the reasons you'll find it so special. Since the island is so close to the mainland and even has its own airport it's perhaps easy to underestimate how isolated some of its communities are. The upside of this is that you can still experience a way of life here that hasn't changed for centuries, avoiding the brash commercialization that is the fate of so many summer destinations. But perhaps the most disarming thing is the honesty of the people here. You’ll be greeted by people with a sincerity rarely encountered in a tourist setting, a people who have a deep connection with their home which they are ready to share bounteously. This may be tempered at first by a modicum of suspicion, which is perhaps understandable: for some people a visit to the mainland is a rare occasion, and the outside world is something strange and unknown."

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